What We Do

Speaker Booking

Our process includes quick response, strong follow-through and excellent client service resulting in high-quality events for our clients.

Project Management

That big overwhelming project? You share your vision. We map out a plan, pull together the team, and deliver measurable results.

Individual Coaching

Going it alone can be rough. We partner with authors and speakers to develop strategy, set priorities, design processes and provide focus.

Book Marketing

Our proven launch strategies help authors and publishers build their platforms, grow their audiences and, most importantly, sell books.

Online Growth Strategy

Your platform is the key to making money online. We focus on growing your numbers and making sure you are reaching potential customers.

Event Production

Whether for 100 or 10,000, our events meet your budget, exceed your expectations, and provide a WOW experience for your guests.

Our Clients

“My role is to give you the confidence and strategy you need to actualize your fullest potential and experience the peace of mind and freedom you desire.”

– Joy Groblebe, Frontline Group Founder